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Sleeps 2

Nantucket, an isolated island off the coast of Massachusetts, is the home Milford Haven’s forefathers left to establish a whaling station 3,000 miles away across the Atlantic Ocean, here in the south west corner of Wales.

In 1793 Sir William Hamilton engaged Sir Charles Greville, a politician and something of an entrepreneur, to establish a settlement on his lands north of the Daugleddau river. Greville wrote to the Nantucketers and offered them the opportunity to embark upon a new whaling enterprise here, to supply the growing demand for whale oil to service an increase in street lighting. Between May and July of that year, seven Quaker-whaler families from Nantucket set sail for Pembrokeshire.

The success of the whaling station was short-lived, and by 1800 Milford Haven had become a Royal Naval Dockyard, and by 1888 a fish docks. Nevertheless, the families from Nantucket left a lasting legacy which lives on to the present day, with many streets and locations carrying their names, including Starbuck and Bunker. Our Quaker-whaler founders were a formative part of our historic haven and their legacy inspired us to name one of our Floatel Cabins after them.

Our Nantucket Floatel Cabin sleeps 2 in a comfy king size bed and comes with an en suite shower room, luxurious furnishings, private balcony and floor-to-ceiling windows so you can enjoy the best views of the water from your very own floating hotel room. Finished in luxurious fabric woven at Melin Tregwynt in north Pembrokeshire, Nantucket features the Knot Garden design, in ‘Jemima’ red.

Centrally located in the heart of Pembrokeshire, the Floatel Cabins are close to the Pembrokeshire Coast Path (you can even join the path from Milford Waterfront!), the Preseli Mountainsaward-winning beachescastles, amusement parks and lots of outdoor activities including paddle boarding, surfing and coasteering, as well as walks to discover and a good selection of places to eat, shop and enjoy just off the pontoon at Milford Waterfront.